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Hair Mist


Mist, toner and primer spray. A unique blend of water, cucumber water, aloe vera gel, Panthenol, Glycerine and Witch Hazel to hydrate, prep and refresh dehydrated skin.

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Mist for hair. A unique blend of water, rosemary extract, peppermint, panthenol and witch hazel to help hair growth and hair loss.


Use it at daily + night.

Application tips : spray to hair root and massage for blood circulation.

Please store it away from direct sunlight to preseve the natural ingredients.



Regular use Anna Lucia Organic helps protect your hair & skin from ultraviolet radiation and other environmental stress like pollution. This products for skin is your best defense against harmful pollutants and provides a luxurious and non-greasy barrier of protection. Its an affordable and easy way to pamper your skin. It’s your best scar treatment replacement for ordinary keloid scar removal drops or creams.

Skincare Products and Nutritional Supplements. Our entire product line works hand-in-hand to give you exceptional results. We carefully research and formulate all our products so that they support one another. Every ingredient is carefully designed and meticulously created to provide a synergistic benefit for your body.

Organic and Natural Ingredients. Boost collagen production and take years off your appearance with age-defying components derived from organic and natural ingredients. All products are formulated with a unique blend of exotic plant extracts, nourishing antioxidants, and hydration-capturing botanicals.




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